What is Working? Share Your Story of Positive Gender Cooperation at Church

“I believe we already have the tools to see, hear, and include women more fully in the operation and governance of our wards and stakes…. Male and female local leaders can stretch their organizational and spiritual imaginations even further to embrace innovative solutions for the inclusion of women.”
From Women at Church

In the spirit of Women at Church: Magnifying LDS Women’s Local Impact, we invite you to share how gender cooperation is working in your ward, stake or mission. The purpose of publishing these stories is to draw attention to the many efforts to make Mormon women more visible and involved in their local communities. We hope that these stories will instill hope and confidence that much good is happening, and will give you specific ideas for how you can help magnify women’s impact at church.

Guidelines for submitting a story or example to the collection:

1. Your example must be in line with the 2010 Church Handbook.
2. Your example should not demean, criticize or express anger towards men or male church leaders.
3. Please email your example to editor@mormonwomen.com or use the form below.
4. We may be in touch with you about anonymously publishing the story.

Please note that we reserve the right not to publish a submission.

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