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Elizabeth Ostler


Elizabeth Ostler is a Brooklyn-based theater-maker, specializing in directing and puppetry. She is the founder and Storyteller-in-Chief of Life’s Echoes where she helps people tell their stories. She is a multimedia artist and writer. Elizabeth uses her art to bring awareness to social issues, such as gender inequality, domestic violence, and human trafficking. She is a doctoral candidate in Contemporary Learning and Interdisciplinary Research at Fordham University studying cultural master narratives and their impact on people’s sense of belonging. She holds an MFA in theater directing from Brooklyn College and a BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College.

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Rosemary Demos

Discipleship Editor

Rosemary has been contributing to the LDSWP since 2015. She grew up in Maryland, went to Brigham Young University, served a mission in Italy and then pursued graduate studies in Comparative Literature at the City University of New York. After getting her degree, she returned to her home state and is currently teaching high school English literature. She gardens, plays the piano and organ, and walks her dog in her spare time.


Trina Caudle

Interview Editor

Trina Caudle is an editor, writer, and reader focusing on personal histories and memoirs. She grew up in Oregon, served a mission in California, and graduated from Western Oregon University with a degree in history and journalism. She was an editor for government and voter-education organizations before becoming a homeschooling mom of five girls. She especially appreciates women’s history and the strong examples of our foremothers and current role models provide to her daughters. Trina and her family live in Connecticut.

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Amanda Freebairn

Special Series Editor

Amanda Freebairn is a teacher, tutor, and amateur baker. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Utah Valley University and is currently pursuing an M.Ed. from Arizona State University. She lives in Arizona with her husband and two charming little girls. Amanda grew up knowing that women could be anything, and she hopes to be able to bring that knowledge to all the girls and young women she meets. The unique and powerful stories of LDS women have played an enormous role in her faith, family, and life.


Allie Brown

Fundraising Manager

Allie Bradford Brown holds a BS in sociology from BYU and a Master in Public Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has worked with nonprofit organizations since 2016, including the Durham Literacy Center, Girls on the Run, and Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. Allie’s academic and professional work has been primarily focused on women’s issues, educational equity, and nonprofit effectiveness, including grant writing and management. Her love for LDSWP’s work is inspired by her own experiences and by her grandmother, Mary Lythgoe Bradford, whose lifelong commitment to writing and sharing Latter-day Saint women’s voices was ahead of its time. Allie and her family currently live in Durham, North Carolina.

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Producers and Transcribers

We are grateful to the many women who’ve produced and transcribed our collection of over 250 interviews. If you’d like to be a producer or transcriber for the LDSWP, please email interviews@ldswomenproject.com.

Current Producers & Transcribers

  • Sabrina Bird
  • Karla Arostegui
  • Jacqueline Lovell-Lantz
  • Jenny Willmore


Many women have contributed to our Special Series, Sunday School Supplements, Cooperative Ministry, and Essays in Discipleship. We are indebted to them for enriching our community with their wisdom and words. If you’d like to contribute to the LDSWP as a writer, please email us at editor@ldswomenproject.com.


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