Psalms are poems, songs, chants of the sacred. These psalms are written by LDS women in praise of and gratitude for Jesus Christ.
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Special Series: Call for Psalms (2022)

We are seeking Psalms. More specifically, poems in praise of Jesus Christ. The poem can be in any style. The poem must not exceed 150... (Read More)

Praise & Gratitude

by Rachel Hunt Steenblik Jersey City, NJ, USA As One Whom His Mother Comforteth She showed Her Son how to mother, so He could show... (Read More)

To Always Remember

To Always Remember Emily Porter Brooklyn, NY, USA “Walking the old hills of Judea with the beautiful gentle God by my side” -Walt Whitman Beholding... (Read More)


Awakening Elisabeth S. Weagel Albuquerque, NM, USA Mother pricked her finger And so we all fell asleep Dreamily waiting for the Prince’s kiss. Sometimes dreams... (Read More)


Betwixt by Trisha Smith-Pierce Bangkok, Thailand The river gushes down my face Tears twist and turn Dodging knuckles Pressed against my cheeks I peek between... (Read More)


Psalm By Meredith Marshall Nelson Charlottesville, VA, USA We love to talk about the rain that makes a garden grow— dismiss the dung that drives... (Read More)

The Bridge to Heaven’s Gates

The Bridge to Heaven’s Gates Kayla B. Bach Orange, CA, USA No head need I but Jesus Christ My Savior, Lord, and King For through... (Read More)

An 18-Year-Old Psalm of Praise and Joy

An 18-Year-Old Psalm of Praise and Joy by Elise White Forbes Orangevale, CA, USA If I am a garden, then he holds the hose Gives... (Read More)

Burnished Stones

Burnished Stones by Jana Peterson Pawlowski Herriman, Utah, USA If I could write a sonnet to help thee gather me in; it would embrace the... (Read More)

You Ask

You Ask by Elizabeth Ostler Brooklyn, NY, USA You ask me to come unto thee You ask to make my burdens light You ask me... (Read More)

Cold Christmas

Cold Christmas An acrostic sonnet By Nancy Roche Rexburg, ID, USA Just and unjust step we onwards, wise men. Endless night around us and our... (Read More)

All Rise

All Rise by Lindsey Price Jackson New Haven, CT, USA All rise, the Eternal Judges enter God the Parents take Their throne I tremble, I... (Read More)

Holy Tears

Holy Tears by Laura Parry Lehi, Utah, USA Lazarus lay in the grave, A long four days he slept. Martha, Mary, many kin, Around his... (Read More)

Translated (Not Yet)

Translated (Not Yet) by McArthur Krishna Faizabad, UP, INDIA When I was a child, I thought I would be translated By 20… or latest 21.... (Read More)

Threshing with God, a Psalm of Brain Injury

Threshing with God, a Psalm of Brain Injury by Elizabeth Pinborough Salt Lake City, UT, USA For months you felt mute, or rather, I did.... (Read More)


Rejoice Kathryn Knight Sonntag Salt Lake City, UT, USA Because the path of sackcloth and ashes we travel leads to the eternal mountain of Ezekiel,... (Read More)

The Fragment Keeper

The Fragment Keeper Trisha Kc Buel Wheeldon Eglin AFB, FL, USA She breaks into screams as I crack the egg. All she has known is... (Read More)


Redemption By Melissa Marshall Charlottesville, VA, USA I brim with words both beautiful and sweet. They stain my mind as the dust from far away... (Read More)

Ode to Jesus

Ode to Jesus By Alyce Larsen Lancaster, PA, USA You spoke to me in song before I knew My fondest dream would also cause me... (Read More)

Psalm of Petitionary Praise: A Cry from the Margins

Psalm of Petitionary Praise: A Cry from the Margins By Carmen Sophia Cutler Peoria, AZ, USA Lord, are you at the center?— that hub of surety,... (Read More)
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