The LDS Women Project started with one sister telling her story to another. We have interviewed over 250 LDS women in more than 25 countries. Our stories are our heritage. We are part of a journal-keeping culture, a blogging culture, a memorializing culture that treasures the stories of those who have gone before us. As we each work to build a relationship with Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Parents, we hope these stories from Latter-day Saint sisters will inspire every woman to make deliberate and meaningful choices in her life as she seeks to fulfill her individual mission on this earth. If you would like to nominate someone to be interviewed by one of our producers, please email us at

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Marci McPhee se retiró para cuidar de su madre, que falleció antes de lo esperado. Consultó con el Señor qué hacer a continuación y se... (Read More)


Marci McPhee retired to care for her mother, who passed away sooner than expected. She consulted with the Lord about what to do next and... (Read More)


Esther Hi’ilani Candari is an artist and advocate who was raised to love global community and sharing resources with those in need. She finds fulfillment... (Read More)


Rebecca Cheney grew up with music and wanted to sing in the Tabernacle Choir for as long as she can remember. She shared her audition... (Read More)


Monica Packer worked hard at everything she did until perfection became an obsession. She hit rock bottom during college and again after she was married.... (Read More)


Carol Lynn Pearson’s first collection of poetry was self-published in 1967, and the print run of 2000 books sold out in just a few days.... (Read More)


Ashli Carnicelli has always been a seeker – she studied many religions to identify the divine. She was adopted as a child and searched for... (Read More)


Melissa Tshikamba always wanted to be an artist but did not see many people of color depicted beautifully in illustrations and paintings. So she changed... (Read More)


Mandy Green has created her own career as a learner, tour guide, and educator of Mary Magdalene and other women in the scriptures, in pursuit... (Read More)


Sheila Prins-Knight lives in the Netherlands and participates in her small church branch. When she had cancer, her branch rallied around her and her family,... (Read More)


Melanie Hollis has always enjoyed planning activities for her friends to do together, and after she joined the Church, she realized that gathering people is... (Read More)


Jennifer Dinning does not consider herself a writer but felt prompted to create a blog to share the tender mercies of the Lord in her... (Read More)


Amber Corkin and Aubri Robinson are twin sisters who received a prompting that their daughters need to learn of women in the scriptures while growing... (Read More)


Lorianne Updike Toler began studying the US Constitution while in elementary school and her interest charted her educational course through multiple graduate degrees. As a... (Read More)


May is Mental Health Awareness month. Fiona Phillips and her husband have supported multiple family members experiencing mental illness. Their experience is being put to... (Read More)

Power of Art on Culture

A series of career steps in arts administration and management led Mykal Urbina to the Center for Latter-day Saint Arts, a nonprofit organization committed to... (Read More)


Elizabeth Atuaia and her siblings attained success in the performing arts as the pop music group The Jets from 1985 to 1990, performing around the... (Read More)


Analia Hoole was raised in Argentina, went to college in the US, and married a man from the Netherlands. Moving between three continents has helped... (Read More)

Según la voluntad del Señor

Analia Hoola se crió en Argentina, asistió a la universidad en los Estados Unidos, y se casó con un hombre de los Países Bajos. Mudándose... (Read More)


Sandy Falter is a mother of six in Olympia, Washington, USA and in 2019, she faced a series of challenges: her marriage ended after almost... (Read More)


Fernanda Bollers was a high school student in Brazil when she began dating a member of the Church. After discussing the gospel and attending church... (Read More)


Celeste Mergens is the CEO and Founder of Days for Girls International, an award-winning champion for Women’s Health and Menstrual Health Equity. Days for Girls... (Read More)


Jill Mulvay Derr began working at the Church‘s history department in 1973 as an intern, compiling the poetry of Eliza R. Snow. She spent her... (Read More)

I Hoped to Be a Writer

Mary Lythgoe Bradford was the editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought from 1976 to 1982. She had previously taught English and writing at... (Read More)


Melinda W. Brown has worked with multiple nonprofit organizations focused on women’s issues and for a time, was also seeking guidance on how to resolve... (Read More)


Jaynine Thompson was adopted as a child by her extended family, who joined the Church at about the same time. Even with knowing her adoptive... (Read More)


Jaynine Thompson fue adoptada cuando era niña por su familia extendida, que se unió a la Iglesia aproximadamente al mismo tiempo de la adopción. Incluso... (Read More)


When the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in March 2020, full-time missionary work around the world changed immediately and dramatically. Sister missionaries, Jade Hansen, Brynn Lee,... (Read More)


Eileen Velazquez lived in Utah as a teenager but was not a member of the Church. When her high school friends were preparing to leave... (Read More)


Eileen Velázquez vivía en Utah cuando era adolescente, pero no era miembro de la Iglesia. Cuando sus amigos de la escuela secundaria se preparaban para... (Read More)


Jenna Hardy joined the National Guard at age 17, and while her high school friends were serving missions, she was serving in the military in... (Read More)


Maya Yerman Sánchez se crio principalmente en México y en su adolescencia asistió a la escuela secundaria Benemerito, que es propiedad de la Iglesia. Sirvió... (Read More)


Maya Yerman Sanchez was raised primarily in Mexico and attended the Church-owned Benemerito High School as a teenager. She served a Portuguese-speaking mission in Cape... (Read More)


Alejandra Salas enjoys writing, especially when her words can strengthen and support other women and their families. She felt prompted to use her gifts in... (Read More)


Alejandra Salas A Alejandra Salas le gusta escribir, especialmente cuando sus palabras pueden fortalecer y apoyar a otras mujeres y a sus familias. Siguió una... (Read More)

Los Detalles Pequeños Pero Importantes

Rhina Toledo nació en las Filipinas, vivió brevemente en España, y ahora está en México con su esposo y sus tres hijos. Decisiones sencillas le... (Read More)


Rhina Toledo was born in the Philippines, lived temporarily in Spain, and is now in Mexico with her husband and their three children. Simple decisions... (Read More)


Alexandria Scott has a background in nonprofit work, so when she didn’t find the resources she wanted to teach her children about being anti-racist, she... (Read More)


Kathleen Parker McArthur and her husband moved to West Virginia in 1977 after they graduated from BYU, and never left. They now have eight children,... (Read More)


One year ago, quarantine lockdowns were announced in the United States due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Jennie Leininger’s job as a medical-surgical nurse in... (Read More)


Melodie Jackson grew up in a predominantly Black community in Mississippi and did not become fully aware of racial and social justice issues within the... (Read More)


Rose Datoc Dall is a painter whose art has been recently featured in multiple books produced by LDS-affiliated publishers. Throughout her career, she has focused... (Read More)


Taylor Christensen was raised in an adoptive family. She has always known that she is loved and that she belongs. Taylor was also curious about... (Read More)

Comfort in Christ from Racial Injustice

Marina Neto is a Portuguese woman of African ancestry. She was born in Portugal to immigrant parents from Sao Tome, and their family lived in... (Read More)


Megan Spurlock was raised in the Church in Utah, but considers herself a convert because she did not commit to the Gospel and the Church... (Read More)

Standing for Stockton

Alyson Deussen is the mother of a gay son, Stockton, who came out at age 13 and died by suicide in 2016 at age 17.... (Read More)


Following a spiritual prompting that came from the clear blue sky, Emily Farmer walked into a senior care facility in her neighborhood to play the... (Read More)


Afrodita Reyes fue entre los primeros miembros de la Iglesia en la República Dominicana. Ella y su esposo han escogido enfocar su vida en servicio... (Read More)

Building Homes and Families in the Gospel

Afrodita Reyes was an early member of the Church in the Dominican Republic. She and her husband have chosen to focus their lives on service... (Read More)

Pitfalls, Promises & Patience

While in a stressful life situation, Jocelyn Pedersen was prescribed a category of antianxiety drugs called benzodiazepines. She was severely injured by trying to withdraw... (Read More)

Trust & Happiness

Editorial Note: Tandi passed away a few months after this interview on November 28, 2020. We are honored that she entrusted us with part of... (Read More)

Finding Empowerment in Recovery

Sara Walker is working toward becoming a therapist to help women going through their own recovery process from their husbands’ addiction to pornography. Please introduce... (Read More)

Healing Found in Family History

Miyamoto Jensen came home from her mission depressed and anxious. She found healing and purpose in doing her family genealogy. Her work as a professional... (Read More)

Yearnings of the Soul

Dana Willard is the blogger, designer, and sewist behind MadeEveryday. She is well-known in the sewing community for fun fabrics and quick and easy tutorials.... (Read More)

On My Road to Damascus

Robyn Burkinshaw is the secretary of her stake Relief Society, and a gay woman. She was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day... (Read More)

Clarity and Connection

Amber Richardson is a storyteller with many credits in many mediums. She has produced a YouTube series, “Splitting the Sky,” and a podcast, “On Sovereign... (Read More)

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

On April 6, 1994, the airplane carrying the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi was shot down over Kigali. That moment was like “oil on fire,”... (Read More)

Bravery and Love of Family

The decisions that have shaped María Felipa García Pérez’s life haven’t been made because they were the easy ones, but because they were the right... (Read More)

Valentía y Amor de Familia

Las decisiones que dieron forma a la vida de María Felipa García Pérez no se tomaron por su facilidad, sino porque fueron las correctas. Su... (Read More)

Taking His Name Upon Me

Mary Xavier was born and raised in Bangalore, India. She and her family were introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when... (Read More)

Saving Santa Cruz Sheep

Paula Garner always wanted to be a farmer. As an adult, the opportunity arose to care for a small flock of Santa Cruz sheep, a... (Read More)

Kingdom in the Sky

Leetoane Mats’aba describes herself as “a happy soul filled with promises and blessing of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.” She lives in Lesotho, the... (Read More)

Building a Future of Hope

Ruth Yeboah is a passionate advocate for women. Born in Ivory Coast, she immigrated to the Bronx, New York as a young teen. Ruth was... (Read More)

For Such a Time as This

Brigitte Madrian decided in eighth grade that she would get a PhD someday. She graduated from BYU with a degree in economics, then went on... (Read More)

Searching for Truth, in Science and Faith

Listen to this interview at the Mormon Women Project podcast, available on all platforms. Emily Bates suffered severe migraines from a young age, leading her to pursue... (Read More)

A Culture of Faith

Anne Apuakehau grew up in a religious home in Bangalore, India. Following her third oldest sister’s baptism, Anne listened to the missionaries and gained her... (Read More)

Straight to the Source

Since she was a small child, Ashley Bryant Miller knew she wanted to be an actor. It wasn’t until young adulthood that she knew she... (Read More)

A Path of My Own

As a registered nurse who experienced her own life-changing neck injury, Abi Schnell has developed an empathetic heart that will serve her well in her... (Read More)

By Divine Design

Listen to this interview at the Mormon Women Project podcast, available on all platforms. Kristin Hodson is the founder and executive director of The Healing Group. As... (Read More)

Creating Zion

Maryan Myres Shumway uses art, music, and teaching to build community and cultivate “Zion” wherever she is. She has traveled all over the world, living... (Read More)

The Bottom Line of the Gospel

Listen to this interview at the Mormon Women Project podcast, available on all platforms. This interview is part of our Mixed-Faith Marriage series. Leslie Schwartz-Leeper’s parents divorced when... (Read More)

A Mixed-Faith Marriage

Listen to this interview at the Mormon Women Project podcast, available on all platforms. This interview is part of our Mixed-Faith Marriage series. Jennifer Kambourian is... (Read More)

Beauty Redefined

Identical twins, Lexie and Lindsay Kite’s life missions became clear to them during their freshman year in college.  An introductory communications course coupled with the... (Read More)

Deep in the Sources

As a professional historian, Kate Holbrook has focused her career on telling women’s stories through the lens of two of her favorite topics: religion and... (Read More)

To Work on the Word of God

Sveinbjörg Guðmundsdóttir translated most of the Book of Mormon into Icelandic, beginning in 1977. She had joined the Church in 1976 after two missionaries knocked... (Read More)

Threads of Faith

As a seamstress with a special spot in her heart for the traditional Chilean cueca dresses, Maria Teresa Toro Valenzuela knows how to modify and improve on... (Read More)

Los Hilos Del Amor

Una costurera con un lugar especial en su corazón para ” la cueca,” los trajes típicos chilenos, Maria Teresa Toro Valenzuela sabe cómo modificar y mejorar un buen patrón.... (Read More)

A Radiant Life

Camille Moffat was driving home late one night when she was hit head-on by a drunk driver. She suffered multiple fractures, a traumatic brain injury,... (Read More)

To Shine a Light

Listen to this interview at the Mormon Women Project podcast, available on all platforms. Elizabeth Ostler is a theater-maker, activist, and professor living in Brooklyn, New... (Read More)

Open To All Possibilities

Anoush Anderson discovered a love for science when she was young, and her curiosity about the workings of the world motivated her to pursue an... (Read More)

Multiples and Miracles

Listen to this interview at the Mormon Women Project podcast, available on all platforms. Julie Grygla is the mother of six children under five years... (Read More)

Running With God

Merrecia James discovered her passion for running at an early age, as she navigated growing up in Jamaica. Running was an escape from poverty and... (Read More)

One Step Enough

Dr. Cynthia Owens knew from a young age that she wanted to go to medical school, serve a mission, and be a mother. With guidance... (Read More)

A Divine Commission

Angela Johnson grew up with a burning desire to become an opera star. She wholeheartedly pursued that goal while she raised a family, until a... (Read More)


At five feet tall, Esther Yu Sumner has a big vision for life. The 39-year-old marketing professional, now a published children’s author, is always in... (Read More)

A Future Only God Could See for Her

This complete interview may be heard at the Mormon Women Project podcast. Eva Witesman is a professor of public management at BYU, and also serves... (Read More)

To Create is Our Birthright

Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick developed a strong testimony of faith and a love of singing at a very early age. These gifts helped comfort her through... (Read More)

The Creative Impulse

Erica Glenn believes in the power of music and the healing process of creativity, and has seen from experiences around the world how creativity fosters... (Read More)

A Quest for Self-Knowledge

Luisa Perkins began reading and then writing stories as a young girl as a way to find peace and escape from a troubled home life.... (Read More)

The Lord Really is Kind

Cecilie Lundgreen, known as CC, is a Norwegian professional golfer. As she was climbing the ranks of European pro golfers, she lost several loved ones... (Read More)

Giving Her All

Kay Conder was only 34 years old when she and her husband of 13 years divorced, in 1984. She was left to raise six kids... (Read More)

Their Story is Our Story

Trisha Leimer was raising her family in Frankfurt, Germany when the global refugee crisis hit a tipping point in 2015. As she volunteered in and... (Read More)

Be Transformed by the Renewal of Your Mind

Mariana Castro Heath has traveled around the world for her studies and her archeological work. Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, Mariana graduated with a... (Read More)

A Well-Educated Heart

Marlene Peterson believes that the desire to learn any subject begins in the heart, and is sparked by stories, music, imagery, and poetry — the... (Read More)

All the Women Should Be There

Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye grew up in the Church. She earned her BA and her Ph.D. from Harvard University and now teaches history at University of... (Read More)

Blended Grief, Blended Healing

Deborah Soderholm married at 19 and was widowed at age 30 when her husband died from suicide. She continued her beloved teaching job as she... (Read More)

The Doors Are Open to You

Carly Sessions, an Arizona native, found herself unemployed and bored after college and a year-long teaching internship. On a whim she decided to apply for... (Read More)

Un Apprentissage Parmi les Enfants de Dieu

Read this interview in English. Élodie Picard a rencontré et épousé son mari Paul en France, mais la carrière de ce dernier pour l’armée Française,... (Read More)

Learning From All God’s Peoples

Lire cette interview en français Élodie Picard met and married her husband Paul in France, but his career in the French military and with international... (Read More)

Beyond the Barriers

When Amelia Bell and her husband were faced with financial and physical trials that required a change in perspective, she turned to her Heavenly Father... (Read More)

The Full Scope of the Atonement

Briana Cullimore’s desire to be healthy led to a continuing struggle with multiple eating disorders and depression. She discusses using restriction/food as a coping mechanism,... (Read More)

A Journey That Began With Roller Skates

Leslie Huber’s passion for genealogy started with a simple story about roller skates, and after exploration of the career path, she decided to make family history... (Read More)

Dressed Like A Queen

At age 16, Rosie Card seemed to be living the dream: she was a runway model traveling the world. The experience has given her unique... (Read More)

To Sit At The Feet of Christ

Christie Frandsen feasts on the scriptures. And she has taught eleven children and the two hundred missionaries that have gone through her seminary and institute... (Read More)

Collect, Preserve and Share

As the Global Acquisitions Curator for Art for the Church History Museum, Laura Allred Hurtado has a unique understanding of how art impacts our worship. She... (Read More)

A Life in Full Color

As a refugee of the Spanish Civil War, Aïda was raised in France with two families: her Spanish family of birth and her adopted French... (Read More)

Une Vie Pleine de Couleurs

Read this interview in English. En tant que réfugiée de la guerre d’Espagne, Aïda fut élevée en France par deux familles : sa famille espagnole... (Read More)

On Listening, Music, and What it Means to Be Human

Catherine Ramirez is a professional flutist and teacher whose music has been described as spiritual, elegant, acrobatic, and earthy. When she speaks about her musical... (Read More)

Ready to Blend

Heather Staker is the founder and president of Ready to Blend. She speaks and trains about blended learning, which is any formal education program that... (Read More)

Taught By Her Mothers

Annalaura Solomon was raised by lesbian mothers and joined the Church 12 years ago, at the age of 18. In this interview, Annalaura describes her... (Read More)

Life, By Design

Always a “mother at heart,” Alyson Von Feldt is an organization design consultant, author, speaker, published religious scholar, seminary teacher, and mom of four. She... (Read More)

A Family Production

Erin Morley has risen to become one of the most celebrated opera singers in the world today. With her four-year-old daughter in tow and often... (Read More)

Where Her Truth Is

Morgan Lyon Cotti grew up with a mom who worked in politics. These early experience shaped in own future as she stepped into advanced education... (Read More)

School, Sacrifice, and Service

Although raised on an Idaho potato farm, Rachel Esplin Odell is now a PhD student in International Relations at MIT with a focus on Asian... (Read More)

Following the Spirit During Life’s Twists

At the age of 50, Sally Murray didn’t have a passport and never dreamed she’d find herself living across the world. But a prompting by... (Read More)

Standing Firm When It All Falls Apart

Ashlee Birk was living a simple life as the mother of five children and wife to a successful lawyer. One cold night in March 2011,... (Read More)

Moving Past Forever

At the age of 20, Kenna Christensen was newly married in the temple and beginning what she thought was an eternal marriage. Nine months later,... (Read More)

The 3 Browns

Deondra, Desirae and Melody are three of the 5 Browns, a piano performing quintet composed of siblings. The sisters all attended The Juilliard School together... (Read More)

Trail Blazing in Belgium

When Linda Vergauwen joined the Church in Belgium in 1978, neither she nor her friends and family knew anything about Mormons. Today, Linda is a... (Read More)

Searching for Kayelyn

On a cold and rainy November morning, more than 170 volunteers with ponchos, hand warmers, and GPS trackers canvased a one-mile radius in Murray, Utah,... (Read More)

"Prayer Changes Things"

Willie Douglas has weathered some storms. She has been part of many of the tumults in America’s history over the last fifty years. She battled... (Read More)

Street Smart and Math Wise

Young Women General Board member Janet Nelson raised four children in New York City. And while she was doing that, she was chipping away at... (Read More)

Choosing Good and Making Change

Bethany Brady Spalding takes her knack for dissatisfaction and turns it into life-giving action. Whether she's planting gardens for at-risk children, directing community health programs,... (Read More)

Choosing God and Abundance

McArthur Krishna did not expect to be where she is. And the path she took to get there was an unusual one. McArthur lives in... (Read More)

All Here Together

In her work as a filmmaker, Bianca Morrison Dillard sees storytelling as a way to build community, and a way to help people feel heard... (Read More)

Aspiring Mormon Women

Just when Naomi Watkins thought she was done with school forever, she felt the Lord redirect her path. Now she wants to encourage other women... (Read More)

To Be A Vessel

As a young woman, Jamillah Ali-Rashada prayed that Allah would let her live to raise children. In return, she promised that she would serve others... (Read More)

We Are Made for Love and Light

Rachel von Niederhausern has always had a passion for humanitarian work, but she wasn't sure what she would do with an MBA until she realized... (Read More)

In Darkness, In Grace

"A psychiatrist prescribed medication that did more to lift the darkness of depression than all my prayers had. Though I was grateful for that partial... (Read More)

A Calling and a Purpose

"It was a few years, a million tears, countless Mother's Days hiding in the bathroom at church, doctor's visits, medications, more tears, and lots of... (Read More)

An Advocate of Faith

Laura Asioli made two important life decisions before she was ten years old. She decided she wanted to be baptized in the LDS Church, and... (Read More)

Snapshot Portrait: Laura Breksa

"God was like a neighbor who lived a few houses down the street. I’d go to him when something was broken, come back to collect... (Read More)

Miraculous Ways

A job loss. A family member's illness. A cancer diagnosis. All difficult trials, made even more difficult when they all happen at the same time.... (Read More)

Loving Allegra

In 2010, Ali Pulley and her husband, Mitchell, learned the baby they were expecting had severe chromosomal defects. They were suddenly faced with urgent and... (Read More)

Toujours à Servir et à Aider Les Autres

Bérengère Doby s'est toujours considérée comme altruiste, et elle cherche des moyens de mettre son amour en pratique. Son enfance dans le sud de la... (Read More)

To Always Serve and Love

Bérengère Doby says she has always had an altruistic personality, and looks for ways to put love and into practice. Her childhood in southern France... (Read More)


Raquel Cook’s biography so far might read like an adventure novel—living and working in Korea, meeting the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, studying at Oxford... (Read More)

Une Pionnière à Paris

Lorsque Josiane Lazeras avait treize ans, elle s'est fait baptisée et a rejoint un petit groupe très uni de Saints des derniers jours près de... (Read More)

A Pioneer in Paris

When Josiane Lazeras was thirteen, she was baptized and joined a small, close-knit group of pioneering Latter-day Saints near Paris, France. Even as the gospel... (Read More)


A Nigerian mother raising her family in France, Patience Omorodion is inspired by a line that her own mother used to sing, “I will build... (Read More)

Finding A Lifeline

For twenty-seven years, Rhyll Crowshaw and her husband have been working through the effects of his sexual addiction. With the help of therapists, bishops, introspection... (Read More)

The Art of Homemaking

Daryl Hoole's first book, The Art of Homemaking, was published in 1967 and lasted on the shelves of Deseret Book for 25 years. The unofficial... (Read More)

Sharing the Burden

Dawn’s husband, Eric, suffers from bipolar disorder. Over the course of their twelve-year marriage, the two of them have learned to deal with the challenges... (Read More)

The Romney Family Table

Ann Romney spent many years in the global spotlight as the wife of Massachusetts governor and United States presidential candidate Mitt Romney. However, with campaign... (Read More)

Understanding What Is Real

As a molecular physiology professor at UNC Chapel Hill, Sarah Street is interested in the big questions of how the brain works: What is perception?... (Read More)

Women and the Priesthood

Sheri Dew wrote biographies of Ezra Taft Benson and Gordon B. Hinckley during their lifetimes. She served as a counselor in the general Relief Society... (Read More)

Rescued From Exploitation

Stephanie comes from four generations of women who were trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Her own mother was sent into the trade at... (Read More)

Just Say Amen Already

Kat S. is a family therapist in New York City and a Jewish convert to the LDS Church. She is also the semi-anonymous blogger behind... (Read More)

Authentic Life

Laurel “Lolly” Weed is a wife and a stay-at-home mother to three daughters, but says she has no natural housekeeping skills and doesn’t feel like... (Read More)

Snapshot Portrait: Amy Mitchell

The moment I realized there is power in what I do was when… …I decided to proactively facilitate the natural birth of my fourth child.... (Read More)

Tis A Gift To Be Simple

From Our "Sisters Speak Out" Series: Rachel Whipple doesn't own a dryer or an air conditioner. Why? Because she believes that being a steward of... (Read More)

Knowing Her Worth

On June 5, 2002, at the age of 14, Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her home in Salt Lake City and spent nine months in... (Read More)

Coded in the DNA

Suzi Fei is a devout Mormon, wife, and mother. She’s also a computational biologist and an enthusiastic career woman who says her natural inclinations to... (Read More)

La priorité, c’est la famille – En Francais

Annie Bush est devenue membre de l’Eglise à l’âge de 16 ans, alors qu'elle vivait à Bordeaux en France. En tant que traductrice pour l’Église,... (Read More)

The Priority Is Family – In English

Annie Bush joined the Church in her native Bordeaux, France at the age of 16. Working as a translator for the Church, Annie spent years... (Read More)

Global Mom

Melissa Dalton Bradford raised four children in the midst of an international life: Norway, France, Singapore, Germany. But what appears glamorous to many has its... (Read More)

The House She Lives In

From our "Sisters Speak Out" series: On March 17, 2013, Kate Kelly launched Her efforts to draw attention to the possibility of female ordination... (Read More)

Recorded In Heaven

From Our New "Sisters Speak Out" Series: Angela Fallentine is a U.S. expat living in New Zealand. Angela has had a long career with the... (Read More)

Loving Through Language

Although the product of a Mexican mother, a Peruvian father and an Ecuadorian mission, Maria Babin always had a special love for France. Now living... (Read More)

When You’re Ready

When Pam Shorr decided to stop attending church, she doubted she would ever go back. She recalls thinking, “I really want to find who I... (Read More)

In the Lord’s Time

As a wife and mother in a part-member family, Peka draws on the inspiration of her mother -- who was also a "single parent in... (Read More)

Cherish One Another

Cathy Stokes is a firebrand, common-sense Mormon. A pioneering member who was baptized in 1979, Cathy’s willingness to speak her mind has shaped her faith... (Read More)

"My Life Changed Completely" – en Español

María Lucia Batioja balanceaba ser a la vez un converso a la Iglesia y un inmigrante a los Estados Unidos desde Argentina. Ella cuenta su... (Read More)

"My Life Changed Completely" – in English

Maria Lucia Batioja balances being both a convert to the church and an immigrant to the United States from Argentina. She tells her story of... (Read More)

Threads Woven Together

Raised with little religion in her home, it was during college when Callie went to Hebrew University in Jerusalem that she first embraced her Jewish... (Read More)

A Grief Observed

Nearly two years ago, tragedy struck when Julie Hall’s 14-month-old son died before her eyes. She now understands what C.S. Lewis meant when he said... (Read More)

Heart to Heart with Hart

Lindsay Hart is a woman of many talents, and she's put them all to good use. As a Spanish speaker, she has helped build up... (Read More)

“I Swore I’d Never Marry a Farmer”

While growing up in Alberta, Canada, Elizabeth Bectell swore she would never live on a farm. But after graduating from college and serving a full-time... (Read More)

Playing From Her Heart

Tina knew from a young age that music was her life's calling and she is a professional saxophonist in New York. It took longer for... (Read More)

Her Version of Having It All

Marie-Laure Oscarson suggests that “having it all” means something different for everyone. For her—a mother, a university professor, and a convert to the LDS Church—it... (Read More)

Reflections on the Divine

As the co-author with her husband of the highly popular book, "The God Who Weeps," Fiona Givens has thought deeply about the character of God... (Read More)

"You Pass"

As a young wife and mother, Maria miraculously obtained a visa to leave Mexico and join her husband in the United States. However, the visa... (Read More)

Yoga for Body and Soul

When Joanne Dehlin first tried Bikram Yoga, she didn’t love it—but she knew she needed it in her life. Now she is a certified instructor... (Read More)

"How Far Can I Soar?"

Having suffered religious persecution and losing a parent at a young age, Seraphine Kapsandoy Jones has had her fair share of trials. But the 35-year-old... (Read More)

Snapshot Portrait: Kristin Goodwin

I realized I have power when… …I discovered the power of tenderness, and what it means to have unconditional love and attachment as a mother.... (Read More)

A Vision of Eternal Perspective

Kristen Cox balances her family life with a career in government, negotiating a busy world with the added challenge of blindness. Having worked under three... (Read More)

The Shining Light of Oakland

Betty Stevenson grew up in an African-American community near San Francisco. After spiraling through abusive relationships, drug dealing and jail, she joined the Church. Betty... (Read More)

Seeking Peace That Passeth Understanding

Although a devoted mother to four children, Patty has seen each of her children walk away from the Church. The death of one of her... (Read More)

From the Bathtub to Beyond

Inspired by her childhood love of shrinky dinks, Garfield, Disney movies and bathtime, animator and artist Annie Poon has established herself as a premier paper... (Read More)

A Champion for Diversity

As the founder of a consultancy that prepares and promotes women and minorities in politics, Sui Lang Panoke is trained to find opportunities for organizations... (Read More)

Lisa’s Courage

As the composer and lyricist of "Nephi's Courage," Lisa Hansen's influence is felt in Primaries across the Church. But it is her work as the... (Read More)

Banding Together As A Family

Married to Brandon Flowers, the frontman of an internationally-known rock band, Tana and her husband spend much of their time apart. To combat the common... (Read More)

An Unfinished Story

First married at age 18, Kimberly White emerged from an abusive marriage to earn a degree from BYU in philosophy and marry in the temple.... (Read More)

Snapshot Portrait: Meghan Decker

The hardest choice I've made in my life was to reveal my major depressive episode and my suicidal thoughts to an unknown audience of thousands.

The Heart of His Servant

Siu Man has been a member of the Church in Hong Kong for about 40 years. Despite a congenital heart defect that has kept her... (Read More)

Defending Freedom in the Air Force

As a public health officer in the United States Air Force, Janice recently completed a year-long "hardship" tour at Kunsan Air Base in Korea. She... (Read More)

What Marfan Means to Maya

Maya Brown-Zimmerman is an outspoken Latina mother of two special-needs children. She has Marfan syndrome. Maya earned a Masters in Public Health from The Ohio... (Read More)

The Intimate Side of Marriage

As a psychotherapist practicing in Chicago, Jennifer understands how important sexual intimacy can be to healthy, honest marriages. Jennifer professionally helps LDS women find ways... (Read More)

An American Education

Raquel Johnston is a former Cuban refugee who came to America at age 10. Among the blessings she discovered in the United States, Raquel learned... (Read More)

The Power of A Snowflake

Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill has dedicated her professional life to the study of peace and how to bring peace to the lives of women around the world.... (Read More)

Serving the Worldwide Village

Chris, Alisa and Christi are bound together not only by blood but by their affinity to a continent where they learned to love the people,... (Read More)

Humbled Through Affliction

Elizabeth Perry’s evangelical upbringing caused her to loathe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. An eating disorder she developed in college helped soften... (Read More)

Fostering A Love of Science

Crystal came from a tumultuous upbringing, passed from foster home to foster home before settling with her grandparents as a teenager. It wasn’t until she... (Read More)

A Formula for Overcoming Abuse

In her profound story of personal healing and renewal through her relationship with the Lord, HDH describes a 30-year process of recovering from sexual assault... (Read More)

Honoring Her Heritage

Janice was born into a Christian Palestinian family, but didn't gain a deep appreciation for her heritage until she was a young adult. Now, as... (Read More)

Her Castle On A Cloud

Sandra Turley lived the dream of many aspiring performers when she was cast in the role of Cosette in Les Miserables on Broadway at the... (Read More)

Saving Lives, One Mother At A Time

Since her childhood days in Alberta, Canada, Dana Allison has been an advocate for women, and now she has dedicated her life to saving other... (Read More)

Understanding Who She Is

Currently the president of Brigham Young University's Understanding Same Gender Attraction club, Bridey Jensen has spent her college years coming to terms with the fact... (Read More)

Away From Polygamy, Towards A Deeper Understanding

As one of her polygamous father's 47 children, Vilate Nielsen was never lonely. But as a young adult, Vilate chose instead to join The Church... (Read More)

Personal Revolutions

As the 19-year-old daughter of a Communist leader, Rostya defected from Czechoslovakia in 1969 after the country was invaded. Although raised atheist, a powerful conversion... (Read More)

A Humanitarian at Heart

Suzanne Harwood didn’t always want to be a nurse. In this article, she explains how she felt guided to nursing and how that decision has... (Read More)

A Model of Many Talents

Summer Bellessa spent her youth living in Paris, Japan and New York as an international model. So it was an easy transition for her then... (Read More)

Goodness Has A Lunge to It

Raised in Bahrain and Dubai as the daughter of a falconer, Catharine had early exposure to the life cycles and rituals of animals, which deeply... (Read More)

Celebrating the Unseen Woman

At a very young age, Heather Farrell began thinking about her role as a woman and the place of women in God’s plan. That led... (Read More)

Holly on the Hill

As the first professional midwife elected to a state legislature in modern times, Holly Richardson already has an impressive influence. But her reach doesn't end... (Read More)

The Art of Education

As the Director of Education at Brigham Young University's Museum of Art, Ann Lambson has made it her life's work to connect people with art.... (Read More)

Always In Style

Trained as a doctor, Jenny Sato abandoned her medical practice when she left her native China to marry her Japanese husband. Now in Yokohama, Jenny... (Read More)

A Woman of Character

A popular professor at Brigham Young University, Susan Easton Black was the first female full-time professor in the school's religion department. When Susan become a... (Read More)

"Just Go For A Year and See"

Janet Hirano moved to Japan in her 20s to teach English for one year and ended up staying for 50. She married and raised a... (Read More)

A Worldwide Sisterhood

Judy Dushku has built a life and career that suits her unique identity, although some may perceive contradictions in the multiple facets of her life:... (Read More)

Taught In All the Learning

Born in Bolivia and raised in California, Dayan traveled the challenging road of becoming the first college graduate in her family. She knew she wanted... (Read More)

A Conscious Focus

Families with trans-racial adopted children are becoming more common, both within the LDS community and without. But what is it like to grow up as... (Read More)

Flunking Sainthood

Jana Riess was baptized in her final year of study at Princeton Theological Seminary. Her career plan to be a Protestant pastor derailed by her... (Read More)

Living Proof

Faced with her husband's liver failure, Amy Jones turned to the resource she knew best: homeopathic medicine. As a doula and childbirth educator, she had... (Read More)

A Measure of the Spirit

Although born and raised in Lebanon, Joumana left Beirut for Paris to complete her studies as an artist. But it was when she joined the... (Read More)

Une Empreinte de l’Esprit

Née et élevée au Liban, Joumana a quitté Beirut pour poursuivre ses études d’art à Paris. Mais c’est en découvrant l’Église par une amie au Liban qu’elle... (Read More)

An Instrument of Homecoming

Joanna Brooks has emerged as an important commentator on Mormonism for mainstream media. In fact, this year Politico named her as one of 50 commentators... (Read More)

MWP Salon 2011

On November 5, 2011, the MWP hosted its second annual Salon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first part... (Read More)

I Too Must Give

During a trip to India in May 2010, mother-of-five Kirsten Monson discovered the beautiful artisan work of the local women and determined that she would... (Read More)

The Wedding Ladies

Sandy Clark, Betty Ann Curtis, Terry Mastny, and BJ Medler met when they all lived in the same ward in Naperville, IL. As their children... (Read More)

The Song of the Heart

Bonnie Winterton had distinguished careers as a conductor and as a professor at the University of Utah, all while raising six children. She feels God... (Read More)

Snapshot Portrait: Patty Pitterle

The first time I realized Heavenly Father loved me was when… I was a very young girl, and, one dark night, I was struggling to... (Read More)

So Many Miracles

As a Protestant growing up in Northern Ireland, Florence Slease experienced first hand the extreme conflict between people of her faith and the neighboring Catholics.... (Read More)

An Eternal Perspective

After 15 years of marriage, Meredith's husband came out as gay and requested a divorce. In her interview, Meredith talks about how her husband's announcement... (Read More)

Unconventional Miracles

When Lindsey Redfern and her husband were told they would never be able to bear their own children, Lindsey wondered why she was denied the... (Read More)

Never Alone With the Gospel

French sisters Véronique and Adeline both credit their mother with their love of music and the fact that they both make their living in music.... (Read More)

Une Vie Pleinement Productive

Read this interview in English. Racontez-moi d’abord un peu comment c’était de grandir dans l’église en France Adeline : Nos parents se sont convertis plusieurs années... (Read More)

A Champion Inside and Out

Involved in fitness training since high school, mother of three Claire Harries recently became a body-building champion in Holland. A native of South Africa who... (Read More)

Finding the Balance

As a vice president at the Silicon Valley giant, Oracle, for 17 years, Liz Wiseman learned to say no to any commitment that wasn’t work,... (Read More)

Accounting For The Debt: A Sexual Abuse Collection

Over the past 18 months, as the MWP volunteers and I have asked over a hundred women to tell us the stories of their lives,... (Read More)

Keeping His Promise

While many moms juggle kids and a career, Bonnie has juggled kids as a career. She has been a mother to her own four biological... (Read More)

Snapshot Portrait: Amanda Lythgoe

The hardest choice I’ve made in my life was when… …at the age of 19 I chose to follow the promptings of the spirit and... (Read More)

…Somewhere He Opens A Window

As an ambitious young lawyer pursuing her doctorate at The Hague, The Netherlands, Dagmar was introduced to the Church through her roommate. After serving a... (Read More)

As Sistas In Zion

Sista Beehive and Sista Laurel started their blog, As Sistas in Zion, as a way to keep in touch with each other and express their... (Read More)

Snapshot Portrait: Merinda Cutler

The first time I realized Heavenly Father loved me was when… I was in college, attending classes during the summer term when campus was quiet,... (Read More)

The Weight of A Soul

At 15, Beth lost a few pounds at camp and came home to increased attention and concern. Liking that attention, her mind was overtaken by... (Read More)

From Sea to Shining Sea

Missy Martz, a former atheist, is married to a marine who has been deployed five years out of their eleven-year marriage and is presently stationed... (Read More)

A Different Kind of Pioneer

Bindu Sabbavarapu joined the church in her hometown of Visakhapatnam, India, in the face of cultural and familial barriers. She married another Indian Mormon and... (Read More)

Snapshot Portrait: Mary Decker

The hardest choice I've made in my life was when... I chose to be happy. My life was crumbling around me. I was sad, angry,... (Read More)

Dressed for Success

When health challenges derailed CK's dreams of being a dancer, she resourcefully pursued another interest, fashion design, which led her to start her own business:... (Read More)

No Time To Stop

As an early member of the Church in Moscow, Tatiana was an essential contributor to the establishment of the gospel in Russia. For seven years,... (Read More)

The Satisfaction of Looking Back

Sherry Young raised five highly educated and successful children (including Hall of Fame football quarterback Steve Young). Now she's reveling her own opportunities to have... (Read More)

To Smile and Talk Again

Agnes is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. Although a witness to devastating horrors, Agnes has embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ taught by the... (Read More)

Six In The City

Lorinda Belnap has lived in Manhattan for the past 20 years with her husband, Brent, and their six children in a three-bedroom apartment on the... (Read More)

A Savior To Her Family

Susan Anneveldt knows that, even though she is the only member of her family to join the Church in this life, her passion for family... (Read More)

Embracing A Culture of Faith

Julia Klebingat grew up in Riga, Latvia, which was then part of the Soviet Union. Introduced to the Church when Brigham Young University’s Legacy Dixieland... (Read More)

Daughter of a King

Marnie Spencer's body has been ravaged by cancer. But in a world where women are told that beauty is an indication of their worth, this... (Read More)

A Pillar of Faith in New Delhi

Swarupa Katuka was born and raised in India, joined the Church in 1988, and currently lives in New Delhi. In 1995, as the mother of... (Read More)

Your Trial Is Your Greatest Treasure

A popular speaker to LDS youth and women around the world, Barbara Barrington Jones shares the events and lessons of her life that have allowed... (Read More)

In Perfect Harmony

Liz Shropshire is the founder and director of the Shropshire Music Foundation, which provides free musical instruments and instruction to former child soldiers and refugees... (Read More)

The Many Lessons of Multiple Sclerosis

Catherine Crittenden was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1987, as the mother of three young children. With a husband engaged in international business leadership, Catherine... (Read More)

The Mind of A Mother

A student of Latin and Greek and a budding education reformer, Lia Collings is already engaged in teaching her three young daughters about these things... (Read More)

Reality TV vs Reality Mothering

Melissa Puente is an Emmy-winning television editor and a mother of two sets of twin boys, ages 4 and 2. With four boys under three,... (Read More)

The Way Already Prepared

Shu-Chih grew up in Taiwan, came to the United States by herself as a teenager and joined the Mormon Church. She had to overcome many... (Read More)

Marching to Her Own Drum

Elaine Bradley is the drummer for the rock band Neon Trees, which released their first full length album, Habits, in 2010. Their first single "Animal"... (Read More)

Stewards of Our Children

Sydney Young has five children, but she has never been pregnant. In this interview, Sydney describes her journey through four open adoptions and the assumption... (Read More)

A Spotlight on Faith

Erin has loved being theatrical since she was a little girl. She had her first agent at age thirteen, and, after graduating from BYU, she... (Read More)

A Special Mother for Special Needs

Although Nancy McNabb lost a 22-month-old daughter to SIDS, her greatest challenge has been raising her autistic son Stewart. Nancy describes her tireless work with... (Read More)

When Pornography Hits Home

Four years ago, Bethany's husband shared some startling news: He was addicted to pornography. As mother to four young children, Bethany had to continue to... (Read More)

Experimenting On The Word

As a graduate of Caltech with a PhD in Chemistry, Elizabeth Krider understands science. She also understands that spiritual experiences are real. Elizabeth uses her... (Read More)

Hooked on Creativity

Always drawn to art and the artistic process, Rebecca discovered hooked rugs when the youngest of her six children was in kindergarten. In the years... (Read More)

From Jehovah’s Witness to Latter-day Saint

Arleene was raised as a Jehovah's Witness in Southern California. Her parents converted to the religion after they moved from their home in Moroleon, Guanajuato,... (Read More)

MWP Video Salon

On September 30th, about 60 women (and a few men!) gathered to hear a roundtable discussion between four exceptional women: Bonni Ballif-Spanvill, Debra Goodson, Ariel... (Read More)

Enthusiasm and Endurance

Introduced to the gospel as a teenager in her native Hungary, Ildikó had to wait four years to be baptized due to her family's disapproval.... (Read More)

Video: What is your greatest fear?

"When Did You First Know You Had A Testimony?" "What Is Womanhood To You?" "What Is Your Favorite Place?" "What is your greatest fear?" Learn... (Read More)

Bearing Her Testimony in a Different Way

After graduating with her master’s of public health degree from Yale, Trang Thach moved to Romania to research drinking water with the aid of a... (Read More)

Peace Through Conflict

Raised near Bethlehem, only a few blocks away from the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Sahar Qumsiyeh intimately knows places that are considered holy by many... (Read More)

"Listen and Obey"

Teruko Nakayama was raised in a Japanese family in Hawaii and although her parents practiced Buddhism, she never had any formal religious training. Giving birth... (Read More)

Video: Coping in a Non-Mormon World?

"When Did You First Know You Had A Testimony?" "What Is Womanhood To You?" "What Is Your Favorite Place?" Learn others' answers and add your... (Read More)

The Beautiful Design of Motherhood

Gabrielle Blair is best known as Design Mom, the founder of one of the most popular design and motherhood blogs on the web, named as... (Read More)

I Am Home

Heather Willoughby discovered she had a destiny: To study ethnomusicology and return to teach it in the beloved country of her mission, Korea. Now a... (Read More)

Running Towards Her Future

At the age of twenty-three, Sabina Suggs was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). Her cancer was in remission for over a decade when it... (Read More)

Critical Thinking for a Critical Time

Catherine Humphrey was married to her first husband for 28 years. Parents of six children, Catherine and her husband served together as mission presidents in... (Read More)

As It Was Meant To Be

Fiona Phillips of Hampshire, England, gives us a glimpse into her life as the mother of six children, ranging in ages from 21 to 6.... (Read More)

Video: Your Favorite Place?

"When Did You First Know You Had A Testimony?" "What Is Womanhood To You?" "What Is Your Favorite Place?" Learn others' answers and add your... (Read More)

Video: What Is Womanhood?

“When Did You First Know You Had A Testimony?” “What Is Womanhood To You?” “What Is Your Favorite Place?” Learn others’ answers and add your... (Read More)

Video: When Did You Know You Had A Testimony?

"When Did You First Know You Had A Testimony?" "What Is Womanhood To You?" "What Is Your Favorite Place?" Learn others' answers and add your... (Read More)

Coming to Know Him Who Suffered

On June 10, 1990, Galina Goncharova became the first member of the Church to be baptized in Moscow, in what was then the Soviet Union.... (Read More)

A Citizen of the World

This dynamic mother of five grown children shares her love of travel, of reading, of science and her admiration of her own mother. Camilla serves... (Read More)

Seriously, So Wise

The anonymous creator, brains and author behind Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole shares why she started Seriously, So Blessed, the highly popular Mormon mommy blog spoof. She speaks candidly... (Read More)

More Than Skin Deep (with Photo Essay)

Kimmie is featured in our first photo essay. After a difficult childhood, Kimmie joined the Church in Korea. Now a successful business owner, Kimmie talks... (Read More)

Cutting With Confidence

Christie moved to New York City by herself at age 20 to work in a salon. Now ten years later, her clients include celebrities and... (Read More)

Ties That Bind

Pauline Sanchez was born in her grandmother’s hogan on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. From the age of eight until graduation from high school, Pauline... (Read More)

Keeping Pace With Noelle

Noelle Pikus Pace is a world-champion skeleton athlete. In 2005, she was ranked number one in the world when she was injured during an accident... (Read More)

The Person Inside the Mom

Saren Eyre Loosli, co-founder of the Power of Moms website, talks about how her educational background and her personal challenges as a mother of five... (Read More)

Nothing Short of A Miracle

From Dublin, Ireland, Gina talks candidly about her struggle with infertility. A lawyer by training and a convert to the Church, Gina overcame a fear... (Read More)

Healing Body and Soul

After her fourth consecutive miscarriage, Heather Oman turned to blogging to express her feelings about her experience and Mormon Mommy Wars was born. Heather also... (Read More)

A Tough Thing To Do

Although promised in her patriarchal blessing that she would be married in this lifetime and be the mother of children, Genie turned 39 still single.... (Read More)

Help This Child

Vicki Dalia is the mother of eighteen children, eight of whom are adopted. She also runs a family business and a non-profit orphanage in Guatemala.... (Read More)

The Spirit of the Islands

Born into the Church in Samoa in 1944, Safalaia attended Brigham Young University, Hawaii, and was among the first group of dancers to open the... (Read More)

I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go

As her name suggests, Ruth epitomizes wise, eternal choices: After being the only one in her family to join the church in her native Bolivia,... (Read More)

Living Essentials

As a high school student, Rebecca decided that broadcasting was definitely not an industry in which she wanted to work. However, her dynamic radio personality... (Read More)

A Better Doctor, A Better Christian

After serving a mission in her native Venezuela, Ines Pinate married another returned missionary only to have the marriage end three years later in a... (Read More)

So Much To Do, So Much To Learn

As a young clothing designer selling to Neiman Marcus and Henri Bendel, Maralyn's clients included Jackie Kennedy Onassis. But because of influential parents and a... (Read More)

Finding Refuge in the Saints

From 1975 to 1981, Saroeun Eav fought for her life and the lives of her children as she suffered under the rule of the Khmer... (Read More)

Five Under Five

In four years, Catherine became the mother of five children, including two sets of twins. Catherine recounts her long struggle with infertility and how time... (Read More)

“Just Call Me Ruth”

After being able to have only one child, Ruth Renlund became a personal injury trial lawyer. At the peak of a long and fulfilling professional... (Read More)

The Journey Is The Reward

Blue married Doc thirty-five days after he returned home from his mission. Nine years later, he revealed to Blue that he didn't actually believe in... (Read More)

Teaching Inner Strength

In February 2001, Marilynn Clark visited Africa on a humanitarian expedition and the trip gave her a vision for her future work. She has since... (Read More)

As Joseph in Egypt

In 2000, Thérèse Kanyanga was living in the Republic of the Congo as a wife and the mother of seven children when her husband, Gilbert,... (Read More)

Healing A Racial Divide

Margaret Blair Young teaches Creative Writing at Brigham Young University. In addition to authoring novels, articles and essays, Margaret co-produced Nobody Knows: The Untold Story... (Read More)

When Mom Wears The Suit

After working as the executive assistant for the editor-in-chief of Mademoiselle magazine, Marcia Nelson studied for her business school entrance exam while nursing a baby.... (Read More)

A Boundless Conversation

Raised as a Catholic in Rhode Island, Stephanie Soper experienced a powerful communication with God that led her to join the Church twenty years ago.... (Read More)

Singing His Praises

With three small children and a husband in his medical residency, Emily is a busy mother. But she has also committed herself to graduate studies... (Read More)

Unexpected Motherhood

As a single 34-year-old, Tiffany followed her Patriarchal Blessing's advice to seize the opportunities offered to her, resulting in a life full of career opportunities,... (Read More)

Keeping A Seat At The Table

Over a period of about ten years, Chrysula Winegar transitioned from being single and in a busy career in Sydney, London and New York, to... (Read More)

When Waking Up Is A Burden

As the mother of seven children, the last with Down syndrome, Kathy Soper is known for the emotional honesty of her writing (which includes personal... (Read More)

Rooted In Learning

In 2005, Shannon Cox founded Haitian Roots, an organization that sends 133 needy Haitian children to school each year. Shannon recounts the unexpected adoption of... (Read More)

"To Whom My Heart Responds"

The mother four teenage children, Sally Read currently serves on the board of Rising Star Outreach, an organization whose mission is to help leprosy colonies... (Read More)

From Concerts to Correlation

A gifted young pianist, Ruth was encouraged by musical professionals to consider a concert career. But a father’s blessing at age 16 told Ruth that... (Read More)

The Cycle is Broken

After two sets of twins and a divorce, Myrna sought solace with her family. But she found little comfort at home: she fell prey to... (Read More)

Service With A Smile

“Be useful” is Leslie Graff’s motto. Because of her training as a child life specialist, her youth in Turkey and her experiences on medical missions... (Read More)

A World of Opportunities

Karen Bybee healed from the death of her first child by throwing herself into the planning of the 1994 Soccer World Cup event. Since then,... (Read More)

"They Came!"

A 1983 issue of Reader's Digest introduced Dominique Lam-Yam to the Church while she was living with an abusive father on the French island of... (Read More)

A Road to Redemption

For almost four years Brittney has been writing about the 18 months she spent in Venezuela as a missionary. While she was there, her father,... (Read More)

A Blog of One’s Own

An American student at the University of Leipzig, in Germany, Michelle has spent the last two years studying “mommy blogs” and writing her Masters thesis... (Read More)

Protected: Turning to the Atonement

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Raising Children in Paradise

Over four years ago, Becky Hendrickson moved with her family from bustling San Francisco to a 23,000 acre ranch on the Big Island of Hawai'i.... (Read More)

The Small World of the Gospel

The first time Faustina Otoo went to church, in Nigeria in 1985, the members' love made her feel like she was in a "wonderland". Since... (Read More)

Lost in Learning

As a teenager in Sophia, Bulgaria, Eva sought for truth and found the restored Gospel. Now a mother of three living in the United States,... (Read More)

Spirit in the Law

Robin joined the Church after September 11, 2001, when she reasoned that “if there could be such a force of organized darkness in the world... (Read More)

From Dancing to Diapers

Lisa Jones is the mother of two sons, one on a mission and one in high school. But before she was “mom”, she was a... (Read More)

Love That Multiplies

Char Weiler and her husband have chosen to "let the children come," and at age 27 she recently gave birth to her fifth child. Char... (Read More)

Beyond This Mortal Coil

Two of Lynn Anderson’s natural born children carried a rare genetic disease -- epidermolysis bullosa (EB) -- which prevents a child’s skin from growing with... (Read More)

Choosing Between Two Rights

In 2001 at age 20, Chelsea Strayer escaped cultural pressure to marry young by following a childhood dream: She bought an airplane ticket and enrolled... (Read More)

Dare to Dream

Whitney Johnson is a co-founder of Rose Park Advisors, an investment firm. She was previously Merrill Lynch's Senior Telecom and Media analyst for Latin America,... (Read More)

Faith Unto Salvation

In December 2004, Patricia’s oldest son was charged with murdering his girlfriend. Tormented with grief and unable to sleep, Patricia saw a late-night infomercial for... (Read More)

Faith of Our Foremothers

A doctoral student focusing on nineteenth-century Mormon women, Jenny Reeder feels passionate about bringing our foremothers to light and letting their stories inspire women today.... (Read More)

Nothing Is Impossible

As the mother of eleven children -- ten adopted with special needs-- Dee Dee Shipley already has her hands full. But add to that 42... (Read More)
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