A House of God

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, very few lives have been left undisrupted. Amidst the suffering, Latter-day Saints are unable to worship in the temple and find comfort and revelation there. As we await the end of this public health crisis and the resumption of temple worship, we hope these stories of women's experiences in the temple will provide our readers with hope and inspiration.

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Book of Mormon Testimonies

In this collection of stories, women share their experiences with and testimonies of the Book of Mormon. Every LDS woman has her own personal journey and experience with this book of scripture. We are grateful to these women for entrusting us with their stories.

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End of the Childbearing Years

Although we frequently hear birth stories and pregnancy stories, rarely do we talk about the tenderness, joy, confusion, pain, completion, gratitude, and seeking that often permeate the end of childbearing. These stories are a generous and vulnerable offering by courageous women sharing how they navigate questions of faith, revelation, cultural expectation, physical challenges, marriage, fertility, mortality and eternity, and choice.

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Mixed-Faith Marriage

This series focuses on the experiences and insights of active Latter-day Saint women married to men who are not members of the Church, or to men who have left the Church. Each story is a generous and vulnerable offering.

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The Psalms of Women

Psalms are poems, songs, chants of the sacred. These psalms are written by LDS women in praise of and gratitude for Jesus Christ.

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Tales of Return

In this collection of stories, women share their experiences of journeying away from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and returning to it again. For some leaving the Church was a simple choice; for some, relationships and life circumstances made it more complicated; some were disfellowshipped or excommunicated. All chose to return. These are their stories, their reasons, their testimonies.

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The LDS Women Project

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