We each have the most power for good within our closest sphere of influence. The people whom we impact most profoundly are those who associate with us daily or weekly, at home, at the office, at church.

Melissa Inouye has written, “Change in the LDS Church is not a process of lobbying higher-ups, but of each person seeing what needs to be done and then doing it within his or her own sphere of in?uence” (source).

That is where we are most effective! And importantly, that is where our personal contribution is most relevant. You can see what needs to happen in your ward in Omaha, but it may be very different from what needs to happen in Spokane or New York, Tokyo or Johannesburg.

Our responsibility to nurture this global church begins at home. It begins with you. As we lend our best efforts to our local wards and stakes, we strengthen the roots of the whole church, and make it a safe haven for all.

See what other people are doing here, or contribute your own story here.

  • What are your strongest spheres of influence?
  • What are the challenges that come with sharing our ideas for change with our closest associates? How do we overcome them?
  • What can you do in your ward to improve the experiences of fellow members?
  • What can you do in your ward to improve your own experiences there?