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I’m the Primary chorister in my ward. My 9 year old daughter had said to me “Mom, there aren’t a lot of girls in the scriptures are there?” I wanted her and other kids to be more aware of the wonderful women who are in there. The scriptures about Anna the prophetess lend themselves really easily to a verse ((they’re from Luke 2:36-38), so I used those scriptures as the source for a new verse in the popular Primary song, “Follow the Prophet”. When we first started practicing the new verse about Anna the Prophetess, it was neat to see how a couple of the older girls who were usually somewhat sullen and withdrawn became engaged and participated. As the months went on, I was surprised to have all different types of personalities request to sing the Anna verse. It just became a normal part of the six verses of Follow the Prophet and other songs we were preparing for the program. Our Primary chose Follow the Prophet as one of our optional songs this year and we sang the Anna verse in our Primary Program, but the song is slated to be one of the required Sacrament Meeting Program songs for 2015.

Anna was a prophetess, in the days of Christ.
Serving in the temple, she would pray and fast.
Though she was quite old she served there night and day,
telling all she met the joy of Jesus’ way.