Today, we honor the sacrifices made by the early Mormon pioneers. They had the faith, courage and perseverance to leave all that they knew to start anew in a desolate land that held the promise of community, unity and blessings.

How can we honor this legacy and emulate our pioneer heritage?

In her book, How To Be A Twenty First Century Pioneer, Neylan McBaine suggests that we do not have to move to the Alaskan tundra to be a pioneer, but that there is pioneering to be done within the landscape of our own lives.

Neylan McBaine Quote


Perhaps it is within our own wards and auxiliaries that the Mormon pioneering spirit is most needed. How we choose to participate in our Sunday services has a huge impact not only on our worship experience, but on that of our sisters and brothers.

  • Are we willing to leave the familiarity and comfort of cultural traditions that no longer serve us?
  • Are we willing to lean into the discomfort and ask that question or make that statement in our church services that could foster a more dynamic and edifying worship?
  • What can we do to make our church experiences praiseworthy and of good report?