Name: Carol Cornwall Madsen
Title: Professor Emeritus, History, Brigham Young University and Smith Institute for LDS Church History
Author of “Advocate for Women: The Public Life of Emmeline B. Wells, 1870-1920” (2006)
Author of forthcoming “Woman Triumphant, The Life and Thought of Emmeline B. Wells” (Summer 2015)

I can think of no better source than the Woman’s Exponent for the Relief Society sermons by general RS presidents, commentary by readers on women’s issues or their own experiences, statements from life sketches by various women, and editorials by two forward-thinking women, Louisa Greene Richards and Emmeline Wells. Certainly, it has been my primary source in writing about Emmeline Wells, but also in providing context and source material for nearly every other subject dealing with early Mormon women about which I have written over the years. The Woman’s Exponent is available online from BYU and I presume the LDS Church Archives and also in both microfilm and hard copy at the LDS Church Library.