MW_logo_rightThis morning, the editorial board of the Mormon Women Project said goodbye to the trusty site that has gotten us through our organization’s first six and a half years. The first site was built with hundreds of volunteer hours; this new site is no different. There have been heroic efforts on the parts of several people to make this happen, in addition to the generous donors who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the result.

As we’ve gone through this redesign process, our pace of producing interviews has slackened. But we’re excited to have in the queue about a dozen new interviews which we will publishing in the coming months and which will launch the MWP into a new era of productivity. In the meantime, our Sunday School Supplements series (previously under its own MWP subbrand and now folded into the main site) is producing quality content every week as a companion to our study of the Book of Mormon this year in church. All of the content on this new site is intended to enhance how we view, quote, learn from and promote LDS women within our own community and beyond.

Thank you for being a patron of this project. It has touched the lives of all who have worked on it, and we hope it does the same for you. It is you, our readers, who will give us the hope and momentum to keep at this important work for another six years.