The Bridge to Heaven’s Gates
Kayla B. Bach
Orange, CA, USA

No head need I but Jesus Christ
My Savior, Lord, and King
For through His loving sacrifice
Salvation He does bring

He lives, my Savior of my soul
He fills my soul with light
He, the light of this great world
Dispels the dark of night

To Eve the promise in Garden given
The devil to her seed would fall
The promise fulfilled in Jesus Christ
The Redeemer of us all

For black and white, gay and straight,
Female, male, and more –
He died for every one of us
The rich, the lost, the poor.

The bridge from earth to heavenly gates
Is washed in tears He shed
On the path Home to Them
By Him we shall be led.

For we are children of our God
The King and Queen of all
Cleansed by Christ’s redeeming blood
We’ll enter Their heavenly hall.