All Rise
by Lindsey Price Jackson
New Haven, CT, USA

All rise, the Eternal Judges enter
God the Parents take Their throne

I tremble, I kneel, I cry at Their Glory
Their might and majesty beam

I hide behind Christ’s robes
I cover my eyes; I can’t speak

My heart aches with shame
They will never accept me

A sinner, a publican
A harlot, and charlatan

I am all of those things;
I should not be here.

But without hesitation,
Christ begins my defense:

Behold, Your Daughter.
And the Gods behold all.

Remember the struggles
She fought her way through

Remember her learning
For which she praised you

Remember how she helped
So many of Your children

Remember how she chose to try
When peaceful times did end

Remember, Mother, Father, please
The price I paid for her,

Remember how I suffered death
That she, too, could return?

We remember, Son
We remember it all.

She battled earth’s hardships
That came from the Fall.

She trusted in you, Son,
As her precious Savior.

For her faith and her works
It is Us who now thank Her.

We love you, dear Daughter
Into Our rest please enter.

But first, stand, and come now,
We’ve waited long to hold you

You’ve finished that life,
You’re redeemed and you’re new.

You let our Son cleanse you,
Now we shall exalt you.

Where Are Those Thine Accusers? by Rose Datoc Dall