An 18-Year-Old Psalm of Praise and Joy
by Elise White Forbes
Orangevale, CA, USA

If I am a garden, then he holds the hose
Gives life to me and to all those that bloom
Immerses me the water as John once did
Tells me the hose won’t run dry, if I look to the cotton candy silver lined heaven clouds

If I am a kite, then He is the wind
Blows icy air through my tattered wings
Directs my nose to hopeful colors on the horizon
Teaches me how to free my tail without tangling my glory in the vultures who appear to soar

If I am stone, then He is the sculptor
Shows my roughest corners how they can be softened
Let’s me touch His scarred palms, so mine can be perfect
Watches me do my own carving and helps me even when my circles become squares and nothing makes sense

If I am a sister, then He is my older brother
Letting me have the last slice of chocolate cake
Listening to my she said he said, but I thought that – ugh
Sacrificing His life for our family to live on and on and on and on forever into the eternities

Messiah Study by Rose Datoc Dall