To Always Remember
Emily Porter
Brooklyn, NY, USA

“Walking the old hills of Judea with the beautiful gentle God by my side”
-Walt Whitman

Beholding the magnitude of your Grace, Enoch cried
“thou art there.”
Let me remember, Lord: Thou art there.
Let me be comforted. Let me lift up my heart and be glad.

Let me remember:
You stopped for the woman in the crowd.
She, bleeding and forgotten. You stopped to give
of your very virtue. Let me stop and give of my self.

In your Holiness, you washed their feet.
Let me remember I was washed clean in your blood.

You stayed with the disciples
on the road to Emmaus. You stayed,
in scripture and sacrament, til they knew you.
May I stay till my heart burns, and I remember you, Lord.

You waited for Thomas.
Help me be constant, help me wait for You.

You are there when I turn back,
having forgotten to thank you,
engrossed in my healed self,
until I remember.

Let me remember to turn back and give thanks each time I am healed.

Make my path sweet with Hope.
Let me feel the warmth of your Grace.
Fill my heart with the blossoms of Joy.

Let me know I can walk along the seashore with you in silence.

I don’t always remember, Lord.
I know.
And I know when I seek
You, I find You, because Thou art there.

A Believing Woman by Caitlin Connolly (@caitlin_connolly_)