Translated (Not Yet)
by McArthur Krishna
Faizabad, UP, INDIA

When I was a child,
I thought I would be translated
By 20… or latest 21.
I mean,
How hard could it be?

That didn’t happen.

But still—
It wasn’t until motherhood
(Many many years later)
That I became desperate for Christ—
Children bring
the necessity of constant renewal—
Of trying my best and always so so short.
Obviously I had made mistakes before.
I had repented.
I had thought I knew the atonement.
But, before,
Before it had been just me (and Christ)
Who suffered
When I stepped awry.
But now it was my child…
my beautiful beautiful child
who does not deserve her mother’s humanity.

Oh my Lord, please help me try again today–
And another today
And another today.
Help me be better for my beautiful one.
And perhaps this life will transform me yet.
I praise You for the chance.