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I left the Church due to an unhappy marriage and divorce and certain people in the local Church leadership. I never lost my testimony of God or Jesus Christ, just distrust in the Church.  

Then I met my soulmate and love of my life. We were happily married for 30 plus years.  He had some experience with the Church but was not a member. We were extremely close and happy. We occasionally attended other churches but they seemed hollow to me.

About 25 years into the marriage he became sick and it progressed to the end. I cared for him in those years. We discussed many times our desire to be together in the next life. I know people who are not members of the Church who truly believe they will be together. Because of growing up in the Church, that was hard for me to believe.

I kept denying that the end was so close, but I finally asked him “If I get busy after you pass and do the temple work for you, will you accept it so we can be together in the next life?” He fully agreed.  

That is what brought me back to church activity. I can’t bear the fact that we wouldn’t be together, so his work is done and I am active in my ward which fully supports me. My children and siblings have been fully supportive also.

I must say I am thankful to the Savior for his Atonement and love.