This story is part of our Book of Mormon Testimonies collection.

Jesus can help us make real changes in every season of our lives. His words are the same, but each time we read them, our lives are different. Translating His words into the context of our lives requires persistence and patience across days, months, and years to become the best version of ourselves. .

When I was a grumpy 14 year old, I wanted to be happier so I decided to read The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I plunked through it on my own and  six months later I discovered an invitation at the end of the book that felt like it was sent to me personally. Moroni said if I would remember God’s mercy to all of His children and me and then ask Him to know if the words I had read were true, the Holy Ghost would show me the truth.

I asked Him and His response was unexpected. I had a flood of flashbacks to moments when I had been less cranky at home, laughed with my parents more, reached out to someone at school who needed a friend, volunteered for hard things, talked to God more honestly.

Most of God’s evidence is anonymous so we have to consider Willa Cather’s wisdom, “Miracles rest on our perceptions being made finer so we can see what was with us all the while.”

Every time we choose to open the words of Christ, we open our heart to Him. God’s subtle Spirit translates His text into our daily lives and gives us eyes to see His divine authorship in our story. And then we become the miracle.