Throughout my life I have read from this book many times. This book is about families. The stories of immigrant families. Families fleeing war, death threats, slavery, and wanting a refuge and a better life for their children. Families that love each other, families that split apart. Families that are separated for centuries and then find each other again. It’s about culture, heritage, and genealogy. It’s a book about the Americas, but mostly it is a book about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a healer, a protector, a liberator, a friend. Every time I read it, it is full of new things I had never thought about before. I love the the Book of Mormon. It is a peaceful place in the world. It is a reminder of what is important and how to treat others. There is a children’s song that sums up the Book of Mormon perfectly “Lamanites met others who were seeking liberty, And the land soon welcomed all who wanted to be free. Book of Mormon stories say that we must brothers be…”

Michelle Franzoni Thorley is a self-taught artist who has claimed power through embracing her Mexican-American heritage and her experiences as an LDS woman artist. She is passionate about plants, family history, and the stories of women. Her work and words can be found on Instagram at @florafamiliar.