As we study the Old Testament this year, we invite your perspectives as LDS women. We hope to share these essays in order to further enrich our study, understanding, and devotion to the gospel.

Essay writers may take a wide variety of approaches to explore LDS women’s relationship with the Old Testament. Your essays may range from personal narrative to scholarly research. These essays may address questions such as the following:

  • How can LDS women approach reading the Old Testament in a productive and thoughtful way? How do you reconcile the conflicts between Old Testament cultural practices and contemporary values?
  • How have you related to a specific female figure in the Old Testament? Have you found women heroines to be your role models? Do the words of a specific biblical woman resonate with you, and how?
  • How has the Old Testament helped you find or develop insight about an issue relating particularly to women?
  • How have you developed a personal Old Testament typology, a symbolic reading that lends meaning to your own life?

These essays can be a mix of narrative, theology, research, and intuition. Writers will work with our editors to produce well-written and thoughtful essays. Each essay will be between 1,000 and 2,500 words and will be developed in drafts (first draft – feedback – revisions – final).

Prospective writers should submit a brief 100 – 300 word description of a proposed essay, along with a writing sample to