Psalm 51 ~ A psalm for healing from sin
Catie Nielson

Lord of love, have mercy on me.
Your mercy is a deep river. Wash the
pettiness from me and
wring me out to dry.

There’s a lot to make up for.
I’ve hurt people, and I’ve hurt You.

I grew up in a world of violence,
born into many sins:
cruelty, oppression, greed.

But You want more than these words,
You want me to taste it.
It tastes bad, like vinegar, but
You will make me clean.

Help me feel the joy of healing;
make my heart do good
for its own sake.

Don’t leave me;
Remind me of the
joy in being saved and
I’ll help other people
feel it too.

I’m haunted by guilt; instead,
let me sing a song of love.
Open my mouth for the
song of Your love.

I thought you wanted sacrifice,
blood and fire;
But instead you want my heart,
broken and listening

This poem is published as part of the 2022 Psalms in Praise of Jesus Christ series.