Psalm on a Sleepless Night
Kristine W. Matthews

O, Jesus, my Savior and dearest friend,
My companion in this season of sorrow,
Wilt Thou walk beside me in the solitude
Of my silent, aching heart?
Wilt Thou hold my grief in Thy warm, strong hand?
Hast Thou heard my sore lament?
My poignant cry? My deep yearning?
My pleading for a path that can be walked with ease?
I long for a way that is wide,
A road that is smooth and straight.
And yet . . .
In Thine eyes I see a reflection,
A glimpse of the pain that has swallowed me,
A tender, gentle vision of my anguish.
Thou canst see!
Thou hast heard!
Thou dost know!
And because Thou sees, hears, and knows,
I can hope. I can trust. I can rest.
Praise be to the Lord!

This poem is published as part of the 2022 Psalms in Praise of Jesus Christ series.