Natalie Brown

O, Jehovah, Thou Son of God,
let my praise to Thee be found on my lips.
Allow my tears to wash Thy feet,
accept my offering and let Thy will eclipse.
O, replace my ashes with Thy beauty,
let Thine oil of joy soothe my mourning.
As the stars fall down and worship Thee,
let Thy light always in me be burning.
O, Savior, Redeemer, bid me enter in,
give me drink of living water.
From my bed of anguish say to me,
“Arise, beloved daughter.”
O, Lord, my God, my Advocate,
grant Thy peace unto my soul.
Thy goodness, Thy grace, Thy life given for me,
because of Thee I am eternally made whole.

This poem is part of the 2022 Psalms in Praise of Jesus Christ series.