On September 30th, about 60 women (and a few men!) gathered to hear a roundtable discussion between four exceptional women: Bonni Ballif-Spanvill, Debra Goodson, Ariel Bybee and Karen Larsen. All over 50, each of these women has moved through various eras in her life and represent a broad range of roles a woman can play in a single lifetime. Their conversation was funny, insightful, tragic, enlightening and altogether delightful.

Below you will find the evening’s discussion broken into seven different clips. The first four clips are the women introducing themselves individually, followed by two clips of the actual group discussion, concluded by an update on the Mormon Women Project by founder Neylan McBaine.

Part 1 – Ariel Bybee Introduction

Part 2 – Karen Larsen Introduction

Part 3 – Debra Goodson Introduction

Part 4 – Bonni Ballif-Spanvill Introduction

Part 5 – Roundtable Discussion 1

Part 6 – Roundtable Discussion 2

Part 7 – MWP Today

At A Glance