Empowerment can be a divisive word. It is often assumed that in order for an individual to be empowered that someone else has to be or will be disempowered. Empowerment isn’t a zero-sum game where there are winners and losers. Actually, the opposite tends to be more accurate. An empowered individual generally empowers those around them.

Part of our Statement of Purpose is to provide resources with the direct intent of empowering all members of the Church. To be empowered is to be deeply rooted in your divinity, to know your worth and to act with the authority that is inherently yours.

During the General Women’s Session, Sister Niell F. Marriott, second counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, asked a simple yet powerful question:


Do you? Do you know how important your presence and contribution is to those you interact with and to God?

Your perspective,
Your voice,
Your experience,
Your contribution,
Are of infinite worth.

  • What are your thoughts on empowerment?
  • What empowers or disempowers you?
  • How can you empower others?
  • What has been your journey with understanding your infinite worth?