As the Mormon Women Project enters into its twelfth year, we find ourselves in a season of change. This brings new challenges and excitement. Most significantly, the Editorial Board at the Mormon Women Project has decided to change our name to the LDS Women Project. We have loved being the Mormon Women Project (MWP) and were reluctant to change our name. However, in the wake of President Nelson’s request to put Christ at the center of our identification and move away from the term Mormon, we recognize that Mormon has taken on a more complex and nuanced meaning. After considering names such as “The Women Project” and “Women of Christ Project,” we realized that it was important that our name identify our dedication to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The LDS Women Project (LDSWP) is a natural and affirming choice for us.

We also have a new editorial board: Long-time LDSWP editor, Elizabeth Ostler, is now our Editor-in-Chief; Rosemary Demos the Discipleship Editor; Trinia Caudle the Interviews Editor; Amanda Freebairn the Special Series Editor; and Allie Brown the Fundraising Manager. The LDSWP is a volunteer organization. These women donate their time, talents, and expertise to providing a platform to elevate LDS women’s voices, perspectives, and lived experiences. Learn more about our team on our new website.

This year, in addition to publishing new Interviews and Essays in Discipleship, we are seeking stories about our LDS Foremothers and stories of how our church communities are engaging in Cooperative Ministering. The purpose of LDS foremothers is to know the LDS women who helped shape our Church, communities, and families by sharing resources and individual stories. These will be stories of well-known women and the stories of your great-grandmothers and great-grandaunts. Cooperative ministering is a continuation of Neylan McBaine’s call in Women at Church to share ways women and men can work together to build a more egalitarian culture and administration within the Church.

Building Zion is a relational and cooperative endeavor. Thank you for being part of our community as we strive to embody Christlike attributes and become more like our Heavenly Parents.